Certified Transport Planner

CTP are the letters that distinguish an individual as a Certified Transport Planner. The CTP is a professional qualification that provides a definitive standard for measuring capability and experience in the Transport Planning profession.

CTP and the Transport Planning Profession

The CTP brings together the breadth and depth of skills required of a modern Transport Planner. The CTP unifies the many disciplines – such as Engineering, Town Planning, Geography, and Economics – that make up the profession.

CTP status indicates professional recognition, from peers and employers, of significant experience and capability to plan, implement, manage and improve transport planning initiatives.

Traffic and transport planning and management is an integrated activity involving traffic engineering, land-use planning, social science, economics and environmental matters associated with generation of traffic for the safe and efficient movement of people and goods by road and rail.  Practitioners work in local government, state road traffic and transport authorities, research institutes and in consulting.

An extensive range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities provide a CTP with a lifelong career partner. Ongoing professional development ensures individuals are at the leading edge of their profession. Valuable networking opportunities are also provided.

The integrity of the profession is reinforced by the upholding of a code of conduct that ensures the highest standards for integrity, ethics and professionalism.

Professional Support

The CTP programme has been introduced by five prominent membership based professional associations, and the national Transport and Logistics Centre. These six organisations are represented on the national Transport and Logistics Certification Council, which oversees the management of the programme, and the regular auditing of the professional standards involved.

Note that the only professional association currently offering assessment for CTP accreditation is the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport of Australia (CILTA).

How to Become a CTP

To check your eligibility to become a CTP, and to apply,  click here.
Should you also have involvement in logistics and supply chain management, you may wish to consider the Certified Professional Logistician programme, which can be accessed by clicking on the CPL logo below

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